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Lightning Air Plus LA-2

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List Price: $389.95
Price: $359.92
You Save: $30.03 (8 %)
Item Number: 23745
Manufacturer: Lightning Air
Mfr. Part No: 655971730069
The LightningAir purifier re-creates the same process that Mother Nature uses to keep air fresh and clean. It generates the negative ions that nature uses to clear the air of dust and other particles. It also has an O3 Sanitizer to remove odors without the use of fragrances. Simply close off the area to be treated, turn the O3 dial and let the Sanitizer do its work. It breaks down mold, mildew, pet and tobacco odors at their source. Only the LightningAir can provide this level of purification.

Using the LA-2SPX O3 is for use as a sanitizer in unoccupied spaces. The portability allows you to target specific areas as needed. The O3 Sanitizer will attack and eliminate odors from: • Pets • Cooking • Carpets • Tobacco • Mold & Mildew • Musty Closets • Damp Basements • Autos & Boats • Rec Vehicles • Bedrooms & Bath • Smoke Damage • Water Damage • Viruses & Fungi • Remodeling Some use a timer to completely sanitize the home or office while away. Unused O3 normally reverts back to O2 in about an hour. See “Put it to the Test” brochure.


* Height-inches 12.5

* Depth-inches 11.5

* Width-inches 8.25

* Weight-lbs See below**

* Power less than watts 28

* Number Fans 1

* Ozone Plates 2

* Negative Ion Generators 1

Cabinet: ¾” solid wood

Front panel: Melamine Plastic

Inside chassis and Ozone contacts: Stainless steel

Ozone Plate: Alumina Ceramic 4-1/2” x 4-1/2” with 3” x 3-1/2“ stainless steel mesh both sides.

Ion generator: Twin output needles with calculated output in order of 10 Trillion electrons or ions per second.

Rated voltage input 120 volts*

Frequency 50/60

Fan 12 v dc rated 76.9 CFM (Filter reduces air flow) 38 dbA

Power cord: Nominal 7 feet, grounded 3 prong plug. DO NOT bypass ground. (If using a timer, use a 3 prong type)

Fuse: 1 amp, 1.25 inch length (spare fuse included)

HEPA filter for maintaining clean unit interior: Removable by two thumbscrews.

Unit generates approximately ½ ozone output when using only one plate.

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