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NSI Line-Out - 1/4oz

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List Price: $6.35
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Item Number: 10690
Manufacturer: NSI
Mfr. Part No: 655971644489
No Fuss fill lines -

You hate it when it happens. You file and file to make an enhancement flush with the natural nail, and suddenly, there it is - a lift line. Now you'll have to spend more time filing, and the lift line may only continue to creep up the nail. And to make matters worse, your next client has arrived, and all this extra filing has put you behind schedule. Now what? Try NSI's Line Out. It's the only product in the world that can erase fill and repair lines with just one stroke - another example of how our nail science can make your job easier, faster and more profitable.

Step 1. Prepare the acrylic nails as usual. Buff down the previously applied acrylic until it is flush with new growth.

Step 2. Apply NSI's Nailpure to cleanse nail. Next, apply SuperBond Nail Primer to the nail growth and allow it to dry to a chalky finish.

Step 3. Apply NSI Line Out along the acrylic line, sparingly, allow it to seep under the fill edge. Apply enhancement product. No more ugly fill lines.

After your routine prep work for either gel or acrylic refills (such as filing, cleansing and priming), a minimal application of Line Out penetrates under the artificial overlay and chemically bonds the natural nail to the previously applied enhancement by actually pulling the extension back down to the natural nail bed.

Erases and eliminates fill and repair lines. Not a primer or glue, but a Thermo-Setting Resin. Line Out penetrates under flushed edge of previously applied product bonding with the natural nail during refill application. Compatible with all acrylic and gel nail systems. 1/4 fl. oz.

Plus Line Out is an affordable time-saver for you. A 1/4 ounce bottle with brush-on applicator should erase fill lines on approximately 500 nails

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