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Shooting Star Beadz-it Nail Art Pen & Get a Free IBD Intense Seal - .05oz/ 14ml.

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Manufacturer: Shooting Star

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Beadz-It Nail Art Pen is a one-of-a-kind precision tool used to apply and store decorative metal beads commonly used in the creation of 3-D nail art. Metal beads, (sometimes called bullion beads), are a pain to store and an even bigger pain to apply. Application of minuscule decorative beads usually involves using tweezers/forceps or an equally awkward tool, which is a plastic stick with sticky silicon on the tip. The problems with using either method are similar. Lack of ease in picking up a single bead and lack of accuracy in releasing and positioning individual beads on the nail make this problematic.

Beadz-It comes pre-loaded with a very generous supply of premium quality metal beads and solves organizational issues as an ancillary benefit by eliminating the transfer of beads and filling of containers. It is obviously a no-spill design. It was primarily created as a tool for easy and precise release and targeted placement of beads, thus giving nail techs the ability to create beautiful nail art.

Fast. Precise. There are 3,500 all-metal (not painted plastic) beads in each Beadz-it Nail Art Pen. Available with gold or silver beads.

Instruction for using Beadz-It:
1. Apply gel polish, or similar product, as usual. Then apply beads before curing or drying.
2. Push the Beadz-It! Button one time to eject each bead. The tip of the pen should be used as a tool to move the beads to their final positions. NOTE: In the event the polish dries too quickly, add sealer or topcoat to re-create a sticky surface.
3. After apply the beads, allow the nail surface to cure or dry, per your usual method.
4. Once the nail surface is dry, apply topcoat or gel topcoat.
5. TIP: The pen tip can be used to pick up any stray beads. Simply dip the tip in water – loose beads will stick to the moistened tip.
6. NOTE: Should a bead fail to eject from your Beadz-It Nail Art Pen, simply give the pen a gentle shake and proceed as usual.

To see Beadz-It in action, view our demonstration video at:

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